Well, just like we hold the Golden Globe Awards every year for
some reason, it’s time for our annual review of something a little bit more
socially relevant than Hollywood actors and actresses…

Dog poop signs.

I like this guy. He wants to catch it before it even hits the

It’s this can do attitude that once made America great.

And put a man on the moon.

It’s sad that so few people in American today are willing to
catch their dog’s poop before it hits the ground.

These signs need to be way more graphic.

Way, way more graphic.

Clean up what?

Crime in our inner cities?

Your use of profanity in the eulogy you just gave?

I’m afraid there is just not enough detail with these signs.

And why is that dog looking over his shoulder?

Is he looking for the guy from the last sign to catch his

before it hits the ground?

On the other hand, let’s look at the sign:

“A Good Neighbor Cleans Up.”

Let’s say Sean Penn is your neighbor and he has just

from the interviewing “El Chapo.”

In his excitement he puts up one of these signs on his front

Now’s who’s a good neighbor?

The neighbor that occasionally let’s his dog poop on your

or the neighbor that puts up a sign with a dog taking a sh*t
that is up 24×7.

It’s the first thing I see before dinner every night when I
get home.

Thank you Sean Penn good neighbor.

Man this dog sure get around.

And evidently poops everywhere he goes.

A good neighbor might want to check his diet.

Yes, Sean Penn your dog.

At first I thought this sign was amusing until I realized
they had stolen the logo of the new company I had founded. The “Hunch Back Dog
Chew Toy Company.”

Damn you Sean Penn.

There’s something wrong about these 2 pictures even being

on same sign.

Curse you Sean Penn.

Don’t play fetch the tennis ball with this dog.

Those tennis ball are hard to digest.

Imagine you are the artist that did all these signs and your
go down to the movie studio to impress them with your portfolio

and you show them all these images of a dog squatting.

Quentin Tarantino: This is great! Would you be willing to
work with Sean Penn?

Oh, look there’s Sean Penn now.

Hey, Sean.

Why yes, that is a good impersonation of my “Hunch Back Dog
Chew Toy Company” logo.

No Sean!

Bad Sean!

Not in my backyard!


No Sean!

I don’t have any lemonade!


2 responses to “NIMBY

  1. On this one, when I first published it I got contacted by the manufacturers of these signs in New York. They asked if they could use the piece. Absolutely…they also asked I would like one those signs free….that was nice of them, but I skipped the offer. 🙂


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