Superman’s Koi Pond



How the moon ended up in the koi pond in my backyard

is a question that haunts me to this day.


I called the city to see if they could help with the removal of the moon, but they said it was not the responsibility of their municipality.


I spoke with the leaders of the military,

but they said it was outside of their jurisdiction during peace time.


I implored Superman to do something,

but he succinctly pointed out that the moon could not be characterized as a “super villain.”


Eventually, man’s reign on Earth came to an end and man

like the dinosaurs before him went extinct.


When the alien beings came to earth they marveled

at the ruins of our once flourishing civilization.


One alien commented:

“Hey, what the hell’s the moon doing in this guy’s koi pond.”

The other alien looked up at the sky where the moon

should have been:

“I don’t know.”

“This looks like the work of Superman.”


“Let’s key his car.”


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