Fishtail Swim Trunks




Have you ever noticed that there is almost a complete omission

of references to Mermen in sea lore and literature?

I mean they had to have Mermen for the species to reproduce.


So why is this?


You see all kind of stories about Mermaids.

They’re Dutch or something.

Have long silky hair.

And sailors are crazy about them.


But there is practically no mention of mermen

in any story about the sea.


Here’s a few reasons why.


First,  mermen are kind of like male nurses.

They’ll do in a pinch to save your life,

but are otherwise kind of creepy.


Second, what would you think if you

saw a guy in a public pool

with a fish tail for swimming trunks?

Strikes me as the kind of guy that would pee in the pool.


Third, they got Flipper pregnant.


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