The Long Term Effects of Stupidity




No one knows the long term effects of stupidity.

Most people in the studies never completed the studies.

Most of them couldn’t find their way back

to where the studies were being held.

Or forgot that they were actually part of a study

and thought it was Christmas.


When asked about the possible long term effects of stupidity

one of the doctors running the study replied:

“What color is that hat?”

He later became a participant in the study.

One participant after being in the study for years commented:

“So are we ready to get start the study?”

He was eventually put in charge of the study.


Millions of taxpayer dollars were poured into the study.

The conclusions they concluded were inconclusive.

A book was written by a guy who knew how to write

and became a best seller in the field of stupidity

among those who could read.

Or at least those who could turn pages and look at words.


For those too stupid to turn the pages and look at the words

they could listen to an audio version of the book.

Here’s an example:

Chapter1 page 1: Some words

Chapter 1 page 2: Some more words.


The book had a bright red cover.

Because of this many future Presidents

used the book to be sworn in

at their inaugurations.



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