I think it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself.

That way I fit in with all the other people already curiously enough laughing at me.


I’m not sure what they’re laughing at…perhaps I inadvertently told a clever joke.

I hate it when I don’t get a joke, so I think it’s probably best if I laugh like I got it.

I don’t want to look stupid.


One  time I walked into a bar.

A guy turned to me and started laughing his head off.

I asked him what he was laughing at.

He said: “You, buddy!”

I hadn’t even said anything before that,

so there’s no way I had even had a chance to tell a clever joke yet.

Now that’s respect.


I walked into the lunch room at work.

There were a bunch of woman eating at a table.

They looked at me.

There was a long silence.

Then they all started laughing.

I laughed to join in because I didn’t want to look like an idiot.

Again, there was that respect thing.


The minute I entered the room.

Me: “Ladies.”

They laughed even harder.

Perhaps they were planning a surprise birthday party for me.


Then it was time to do my big presentation.

The big boss said: “Well, time to hear from this guy.”

Everyone started laughing.


Though in this case I think they were laughing

at what he said, as he pretended to not remember my name.


During my presentation he interrupted:

”Well, I think we’ve heard enough from this guy.”

Again, everyone laughed at the pretending to forget my name joke.


I sat down  pleased that I had been able to make my

with only showing the cover sheet of my 80 page powerpoint


I turned to the guy sitting next to me and said:

“I appreciate your support on my ideas.”

He looked at me for a long time.

A real long time.

Then he laughed so hard that tears streamed down his cheeks.



It felt good to be universally respected.

And to know I had surprise birthday party on the way!



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