Tree Sitters




Where I live tree-sitters have become a real problem.


My favorite tree is this 400-year old oak down at the park.

I showed up one day with a chainsaw

to cut it down and wouldn’t you know it…

there was a damn tree-sitter up in the thing.


We also have a shortage of quality baby-sitting in our area.


I’m always looking for win-win situations and was wondering

if some of these tree-sitters might double as baby-sitters.

You know with the babies up in the trees.


This would allow more working couples to go to the movies

and make people even less likely to cut down the trees.

It’s win-win for everyone.


Well, except maybe for me.


My son’s too old for a baby-sitter

and I have this brand new chainsaw,

so this situation isn’t really win-win for me.




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