The King’s Tide

When the King’s Tide comes it takes no prisoners.

And it has no mercy.

Early this week we had so much rain in Northern California, the ocean couldn’t absorb it all at one time.


In addition to this we experienced what may occur in our part of the world in January when the

gravitational pull of the moon, the orbit of the earth, and alignment of the Sun are just right…

that we experience what is called “The King’s Tide.”


Astronomically, this is a maximum gravity event.


This is a high tide event that goes far beyond what one will typically observe for high tide.

With so much water pouring into the ocean and so much water being pushed ashore,

the ocean simply can not handle all this water.


When such events occur together the affect is much like a tsunami with a jackhammer.


This synchronicity of conditions occurs about every 30 years.


In many of the areas where the Tide hit, the beach no longer exists.

It’s just rubble. Rocks.


These rocks will be tumbled by the waves over the next several months until the rainy season ends.

and gradually a new beach will form.


Here are some photos of that event and the fossil wash ashore that occurs with it.

The Pliocene fossils are 2-5 millions years old.

051 048 045 043 040 066 064 063 062 054058



Fossilized sand dollar


Fossilized whale vertebra


Big snail


Fossilized whale vertebra


Fossilized sea kelp




Fossilized whale bone


Fossilized crab


Fossilized clam with crystalline inside




3 responses to “The King’s Tide

    • I think the world may view us as merely an inconvenience with the things we do to it. I recall the dinosaurs were pretty dominant for a couple hundred million years.
      Nature always wins in the end.
      It’s too big to fail.

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