Am I God?


Work psychologist: The results for your tests are back.

Boss: Am I a genius?

Psych: No.

Boss: Super-genius?

Psych: No.

Boss: What comes after super-genius?

Psych: No.

Boss: Is “No” the new “Yes?”

Psych: No.

Boss: So “yes.”. I’m after super-genius.

Boss: Am I the smartest person to ever live?

Psych: No.

Boss: Thank you.

Psych: We were testing you for possible brain damage.

Boss: Your tests showed I am smarter than Einstein?

Psych: No.

Boss: Again, thank you.

Boss: When will my salary be adjusted to reflect that I am smarter than God?

Psych: God would have to sign off on that.

Boss: Am I God?

Psych: No.

Boss: As I humbly, but long suspected.

Where’s the paperwork? I’ll sign off on my new salary now.



Crushing my favorite Black Sabbath Song…


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