Everyone’s Fears



Everyone has pretty much the same fears, except my boss who isn’t human

Here they are…

Superman wasn’t feeling so super,
not looking so super here…he was pretty much “Mediocre” man at best
but standards are slipping every day.

Think Madonna.
And that’s why they made you the White House Press Secretary.

recursion snapdragon engine
it’s what the world wants
it’s what the world needs

no news is good news
no good news in good news
no good new news is good news

it’s all the same to me
not afraid to sit down

for many years I would stand
I would simply stand
because like many I was afraid
afraid to sit down

If I sat down would my legs fall off
would I blow up
would the basement mysteriously fill
with water from the tap I left running
at my mother-in-laws?

Common thoughts and fears that all people
have regarding sitting down.

Would I be asked to recite the Getty’sburg address
while accidentally sitting on someone’s sandwich

What if the local fire department broke down the
door and asked if they could use the chair
then what would I do?

My head was swimming

Doing the backstroke with visions of sugar plums dancing as I looked
up at the ceiling fan and imagined it slicing cheese.

Later that day I would experience my first bowl of jello.

Madonna: I have approved this add for my re-election to the President of the United States.

Bugs Bunny: Does she know that Saturday morning cartoons aren’t real?


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