Big Hearted Bill



My name is Jim.


I used to be the  subject of much ridicule for my work, personal life, and other social abnormalities and took  quite a bit of verbal abuse.


That is… until Big Hearted Bill took me under his wing

and built up my self-esteem.


He always did so publically,

so that other people would see in me what he saw.


After my presentation in front of the executives,

he got up and proclaimed:


“Great work Jim, you amazing genius!”


Their laughter indicated that my presentation

had been a big success.

I felt good.


When my boss openly questioned my ability in front of the entire staff, Bill was the first to offer positive reinforcement.


“Keep up the good work Einstein!”


Again, laughter diffused what could have otherwise been an awkward situation.


Another time a bunch of women in the lunch room were pointing at me and laughing ,

I thought, they’re already laughing…

what could Big Hearted Bill possibly do to improve on this situation?


He walked over to them pointed to me and whispered something.

They stopped laughing and started to cry.

Big Hearted Bill always knew the right thing to say.


One day Big Hearted Bill died.

We all went to his funeral.

I said: “I will miss Bill he was my friend.”

This seemed to cheer everyone up.

As they started to laugh uncontrollably.


Later, my duck Kerouac quacked.


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