He was no circus performing bear,

but he was not without his bear supporters.


A college student held up a sign on a post that said simply:



A fireman appeared to be going to assist a disabled car on the Golden Gate Bridge, but instead bungee jumped off the side unfurling a banner that said:

“He is a bear.”


When the President addressed the nation to discuss environmental disaster caused by a greedy oil company in the Gulf of Mexico he said: “This accident was not caused by a bear.”


Slowly, but surely his grass roots following grew.

He started appearing on postage stamps.

Young school children referred to him as “Mr. Bear.”

And said he gave them hope.


Then one day some lobbyists were testifying in front of Congress.

Some emotionally charged words were exchanged about how they all deserved to be in prison or given bonuses.


Then it was bear’s turn to testify.

They swore him in using a bear bible.

They gave him a glass of  water from a stream.

Then bear walked over to the lobbyists

and ate them.


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