Pearl Harbor When You’re 8 Years Old



My cousin Judge (George Aliulis) went off to the Navy on a gray overcast day.

I remember his Mom and Dad (my Aunt and Uncle that raised me) were not happy

to see him go. He was at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th on the USS Tennessee

– he said “It was hell”.

After the War started, there was no “everybody should go on and lead a normal life” bullshit.

Everyone was affected and wanted to help in the War effort. Everything was rationed.

Nylon stockings were out – we applied leg makeup to create the look of stockings. In those days stockings had seams down the back of the leg and it was important that we got the seams straight; but with the makeup we didn’t have seams. Women wouldn’t think of going bare legged then.

It was especially hard to get enough sugar at canning time to put up the fruit for winter. When we butchered we canned the meat – electricity hadn’t come to the farm yet, so there were no refrigerators or freezers.

Dress material was in short supply. Cotton dress material was made up into pretty floral designs and made into feed sacks. When you went to the feed store to buy chicken feed you shopped for dress material you liked. When the feed was gone, you washed the sack, let out the seams and made a dress – course you needed to buy enough sacks to make a dress.

Factories were converted to make the guns, tanks, airplanes, ammo, etc. Nothing was bought from other countries for the war. To pay for what was needed, everyone (including children) bought War Bonds.I don’t remember how I earned money but I bought several.

Rose found them when I was in my thirties and since I didn’t need the money then put the money in my children’s savings accounts.




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