The Miracle Duck



Everybody came from miles around to see the “miracle duck.”

He quacked and quacked and quacked some more.

Then everyone exclaimed excitedly:

”Oh my God, a duck that quacks!

It’s a miracle!”


A duck quacking.

That’s a miracle?

Well, I guess it doesn’t take much

to be considered a miracle now a days.


Then I started my lonely walk home

past the haunted cemetery.

The wind howled through the dead trees.

I could feel the bitter cold of death in my joints now.

It was at that moment that I understood my own mortality.

That my life on this earth was slipping away a year at a time

each year faster than the last.


Then I felt a cold hand upon my shoulder!

Without looking back I exclaimed: “Oh, my God, a duck with a hand!”

“It’s a miracle!”


Bay Area band signed to Lars of Metallica’s record label.

Excellent band early 2000’s.


4 responses to “The Miracle Duck

  1. I don’t know about that….keeps me out prison…while I’m doing work right now as an engineer. Hard to believe…yes I’m actually working. Have a nice evening Jasmine.


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