Return of the Space Monkeys




King Kong was climbing the Empire State Building,

as a bunch of airplanes buzzed him.

He continued to the top.

Pounded on his chest, slipped , and fell.

Impaling himself on the torch of the statue of liberty.


The Chrysler Building eerily reflected the yellow light

of the sunset.


The Hindenburg flew by in the yellow light like a giant banana

making the whole King Kong thing now into a spectacle.

I looked up while, clasping my mother’s hand tightly.

She looked down at me and smiled.

It was a sad smile,

but it looked pretty just the same with her red lipstick.

A single tear was on her cheek.


This scared me.

We both knew that the world was coming to an end.


She bent down in her high heels and heavy winter coat

and hugged me.

And said the only thing she knew would comfort me.


“Someday the space monkeys will return.”

Return of the Space Monkeys


One day the space monkeys will return in their rocket ships.

But I’ll be ready.

I’ve been preparing.


I’ve been hoarding and storing bananas everywhere.

I had a walk-in freezer installed in my home.

Filled it with bananas.

I added on a spare bedroom. Filled it with bananas.

I bought the house next door. Filled it with bananas.


When the space monkeys land and their leaders march up

to greet me the top monkey will say:

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.


I will bow my head nobly and reply:





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