World of Tuna



Sometimes it helps to break things.

It relieves stress and prevents you from acting inappropriately.

However, I have found it to be strongly disadvantageous

to break things when you are in your own home.

As you are prone to break many things that may belong to you.

And then they’re broken.

This is non-desirable.


A better approach when you feel the need to break things

is to go over to a friend’s house.

You can just show up and tell them you’re there

to do the house sitting

and when they go to call the police

you can start breaking things.


Maybe that wasn’t a friend,

but some complete stranger that I didn’t know.

Hmmmm. Now they’ve locked themselves in the bathroom.

Definitely not a friend.

Maybe a complete stranger.

Probably. But I like making friends.


Looks like they just went to the grocery store.

Based on the contents of this refrigerator.

I love it when someone buys the pickles

already sliced for making sandwiches.

Now I’m eating my sandwich and watching kitty boy and the cop.

He heard the can opener and he’s rubbing against my leg and purring.


Strange cop.



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