the porcupine spiny


once wasted

my time

I ghost

I ignore                                                                W

no further



world to conquer

I respect


I don’t respect

anything less

Santa Claus: That’s great business pussy…

Got any plans besides your money?

Me: See my “Living Trust” Santa.

Santa: Whoa.

Sorry, you’re one of the good guys.

Anything I can do to help you?

Me: I need some space and time to do these things.

God: Noted.

I’m Santa’s boss.


You can count on my support.

Me: This isn’t easy and there’s no guarantee…

God: Welcome, to the porcupine spiny…

…of the universe

Nothing important happens without pain

Me: I think I’m infinite on the pain

God: good… then give me what your got

give me absolutely everything you got

don’t hold back

make me believe

Me: I need some time to do these things

and I could use a little less pain

God: I will see what I can do on the time thing






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