Santa Claus in the Land of Oz



The Tin Man just stood there at the urinal

in the men’s room frozen.

He had tried to take a pee and things had rusted shut.



Dorothy came in.

You know to carry your oil can with you.

Especially, with your overactive bladder.

Here let me help you I have your oil can.

Are you doing this deliberately?

Tin Man smiled silently to himself.


Scarecrow walks in…

Hey, guys what’s this some kind of a party.

Oh my God!

I just ate lunch.


Cowardly Lion walks out of a bathroom stall humming.

Goes to sink and washes hands.

Turns around and looks at his tail area.


Not again. Not the fur.

Why does this always happen?


Scarecrow: Oh my God!

I just ate lunch.


Dorothy: You guys all live together right.

No girlfriends right.

Hard to figure.


Santa Claus walks in.

Santa: What the hell’s going on in here?

This some kind of a party?

Look at that guy’s fur.


And what’s going on with that oil can over there?

Oh my God!

I just ate lunch.


Do any of you have gum?

Never mind, I doubt any of you have washed your hands.


You there straw boy, you look like the only normal one here.

Where is the best place around here to buy a monkey?


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