One-Size-Fits-All Metaphysics



Fred complained that his brain was too small
and asked Jimmie if he could use his for the big meeting.

Jimmie agreed and once they took his brain out he
was promoted to CEO.

Jack felt that he could keep his brain functioning well
into old age by doing crossword puzzles.

There’s nothing more useful than a bunch of useless information
to keep one’s mind firing on all cylinders.

Nearly a century ago:

Einstein: Maybe I can get smart and invent the Theory of Relativity
if I read enough side panels on cereal boxes.

1 million years ago:

Caveman: A simple test for Alzheimer’s Disease is to give a person a time and see if they can draw the face of that clock.
Maybe I could invent “fire” and the “wheel” if I could do such drawings.
Too bad nobody’s invented a clock.

The current smartest man in the world: Where does food go after we eat it?

All of these problems and possibly more can be solved by doing crossword puzzles.

Also, be sure to check your house regularly for an excessive accumulation of Radon.
You would be surprised at the porosity of foundation concrete.

If only Einstein had done more crossword puzzles and put this super-genius brain towards.
something important like the household Radon problem.

Einstein before reading the side panel of a cereal box: Where does food go after we eat it?


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