Fully-Recovered Workaholics



As it was afternoon we cared
about work even less.

And for those familiar with our
work ethic this was hard to believe.

When we had awaken our boss
from his pre-afternoon nap
he said he was tempted to
care, bus slipped his black
sleeping mask back on and
said:”Hey everyone just disappeared.”
And went back to sleep

That’s why he was boss.

Jim reserved the Executive Conference
room for 3 hours, so he could cut
his finger nails, but as he had cut
them the previous afternoon he
decided to take the rest of the
day off “dead.”

He would rise miraculously from the dead
the next morning by 9am. Just like
every Friday.

Bill was surfing Ebay for coins
that had been “mis-struck” at the
U.S. Mint…no really this is
actually fairly interesting and
such coins are worth some money,
though why a person would waste
their time looking for or buying
such coins is beyond me.

We all thought about buying a lottery
ticket together, but then when we
calculated the odds we decided it
would be better to do nothing.

Actually, we decided it would be better
to do nothing because it meant we
would not have to do something.



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