clever comebacks to people who think they are superior to you


To garbage man:
I dressed myself this morning

To women changing baby’s diaper:
My cat goes in a box in the corner

To dog:
I know how to use a toilette

To grocery store clerk:
I know how to use a toilette

To monkey at the zoo:
I steal free office supplies from work.

To waitress:
If my Mom was not here I could cut my own meat.

To Santa Claus:
I’m tall enough to ride some rides that your elves can’t

To judge at sentencing:
That Kangaroo did not look under-aged.

To angel in Heaven:
When cartoon characters die they also get wings and halos.

To snowman:
I have opposable thumbs.

To blind squirrel in the park.
I’m better able to find nuts than you.

OK. Yeah, this was actually me today.
As you can see I was pretty much in charge,

well.. the snowman was a bit of a challenge.



How is my best friend today?


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