American Flag Flying over Homeless Camp


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American flag overflying homeless camp along river where I walk.

These folks eek out a meager existence collecting aluminum cans and by whatever means possible.

When I pass them they do not look up or make eye contact and it is clear they have not had a shower

for at least a month or washed their clothes for a substantially longer period of time.

It is a hard life that no one would choose. No matter how tough things may seem in my own life,

I always count my and my family’s blessing and ask what I can do for them and my friends,

when I see how these folk exist. We are all one. Several times a year I leave a big black plastic bag

of crushed, aluminum cans I have gathered from work and at home on a path leading to one their

camps. In my life this insignificant, but what I have seen is that such folks may turn down a hand

out of $20 cash, because they take pride in the work of making their meager living. Seeing that

American flag always flying when I walk by never fails to send a chill down my spine…

And bring a tear to my eye.

and that without a cent to spare that they tend to it  proudly every day.


4 responses to “American Flag Flying over Homeless Camp

  1. What’s also amazing. Is some of these people will have a pet cat. They certainly don’t have the extra money, but they need to feel the love that pet can provide as well. Sometimes I’ll see their cat run up to greet them on one of the trails. The cats don’t know they’re poor or homeless. It doesn’t matter. It’s just human being that the cat loves.

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  2. Quite touching. There’s a place like this down by the river near my house. I’m in the UK so they aren’t flying a flag, as it’s not something done very regularly over here, but your words still hang very true.

    It’s a sort of a convent and it’s been there as long as I can remember, it seems like these people have chosen this path…

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    • Hi Harry:
      It may be different there. I hope.
      I’ve had a chance to meet and talk with some the homeless people here.
      They typically have significant mental health issues, which they treat themselves with drugs and alcohol. It’s not a life they or anyone else would choose, but they have a tough time getting out of it. You have a good Sunday.


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