Escher’s Remodel

Good morning.

I believe in you.



Suicide King with ace up my sleeve.

I wrote this for you over Thanksgiving.

That is how certain I was… just in  case if you cared.

God: Well played my lad. I have you taught you well

How let’s see if she cares.



Escher decided to remodel his house.

You know the one where all the people are walking on walls

or the ceiling on stairways that defy gravity.

What a pain in the ass.

I was his contractor.

I spread out some blueprints on a table and they just

fell off, because the table was on the wall.

Then Escher gave me a cup of coffee and it fell up

to the ceiling. He just laughed.

What a mess.

I put the Bay Window in where he asked,

but when I was looking at them with Escher one of the

wall walkers stepped through the glass and broke it.

The new bathroom looked nice, but then a wall walker stepped

through the shower door and broke that too.

Escher just laughed.

I looked out the window, but all I could see was the lawn

and some bricks where I expected to see the sky.

I felt nauseous.

Then I noticed that wall walker from the shower

had sat down to go to the bathroom.

Oh, for the love of God…..

Who puts a toilette on the ceiling?!!


Contractor’s  footnote:

Escher’s downstairs remodel.

Sometimes less is more

and more is less

well more or less

do you want me to care more?

I could care less.

I could care less.








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