Canadian Light Bulb Story



(Paper Moon card)

Being a proud Bay Arean…

Yes. Say that out loud and you will understand just how repressive it is here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area you have to agree with those who are political correct and so much smarter than everyone else or they can come after you and cause you to lose your job.

Chinese co-worker: The San Francisco Bay Area is so much more repressive than China. I am so thankful that I can always go back to China where we have freedom compared to you.

I am sorry that you cannot and I feel sorry for you.

Me: Thank you Shiang-Meei.



The inauguration of the new President was upon us.

And 10,000 buses came to the San Francisco Bay Area laden with Hollywood celebrities that said they would move to Canada if Trump were elected and with space available for Bay Areans to join their Hollywood demi-gods.


Oddly, there was only one Hollywood celebrity on the bus. A guy not from America that was responsible for making sure the Hollywood celebrity demi-gods bathrooms were clean before  their press conferences.


He was joined by 2 Bay Areans who were unemployed.


Question to Hollywood Celebrity: Are you going to Canada primarily to visit your brother and sister-in-law?

Hollywood celebrity: Si.


Question to 2 Bay Areans seeking political asylum in Canada.: Are you conscientious obsevers?

Bay Areans: What? Where’s our free prescription drug care? We are filing law suit against you for a hate crime.

Still President Obama: Hey, it was only a question.


Anyway, before this second playoff game today I went to Target (yes our Target) to shop for light bulbs. I noticed much to my delight the light bulbs were manufactured in Canada. Although, I only needed 1light bulb. I bought 4 packs of 4 light bulbs. I don’t need them just yet, but I will over the next 3 years and I want the Canadian light bulb industry to be successful.


So, in summary

If you go to Canada…

I recommend you wear a pair of pants.

Because Canada manufactures light bulbs

And if you are in an important business meeting

It is likely going to be in a room lit by Canadian light bulbs,

So if you are not wearing pants it is likely to be noticed.


In other words…to steal/paraphrase Texas in Canadian term…


Don’t come to Canada if you are not wearing any fucking pants!!!


I hope you are getting the idea that I love you.



Can I deliver?

For you?

Can I deliver  for you the woman I love?

I still at a minimum need to execute on the Escher remodel story.



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