Mr. Ladybug orig

56 - Copy - Copy


OK. Hopefully everyone is in now in their happiness bubble. Just like me.

And although I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what anyone wants from me shall we continue?

And if someone were to let me know… that might make things a lot easier.

And please refrain from asking me to hate you or taunting me when I have no idea what anyone

wants from me as this may lead to potential misunderstandings. I do not like negativity or such

negative things, so when someone hammers me with these things to deliberately hurt me

I feel it and…yes….it does hurt me.  It hurts me badly.  Please stop deliberately hurting me.


Mr. Ladybug showed up on the first day of his new job

and the teasing began immediately.

Mr. Grasshopper: “Ah ha, you’re a ladybug.”

Mr. Centipede: “Well, lookie here. How about a curtsey

Mr. Ladybug?”

Mrs. Cockroach: “Oh you look so pretty. I wish I had your figure.”

Then Mr. Pregnant Male Seahorse swam up:

“Well hello, Mr. Ladybug.”

“Looking at you I can think of nothing more effeminate.”

Mr. Ladybug on way home in the car:

“F*cking Seahorse!”

“Let’s see him try to get his pregnant ass into this thong.”


I love this song.


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