Animal Celebrity Watch



Have these hamsters been given probiotics?

Has that lizard been read the riot act?

Some people are cat people.

These are the people that will go to the bathroom

in a box in the corner of your laundry room.

That dog.

That dog across the street he was in my dream last night.

Wait no that’s a hallucination.

Great now that hallucination is humping my leg.

As much fun as barrel of monkeys.

Sure hope they’re spider monkeys

to help cushion my blow when I go over Niagara Fall.





so it’s not me…

it’s an interesting

and cruel game you play

good luck finding happiness

approaching life that way


I hope it makes you feel better

to crush my soul

it’s too bad

I really love you


when you do this

stuff it doesn’t really

phase me anymore

I kind of expect it


I support you and want you

to be unconditionally happy

even if I am not in your life


I am concerned however

that you may wasting

your life and throwing

it away when you have

so much to offer the world


if there is ever anything

I can do if you ever decide

to start really living a real life

let me know


you can count on me


don’t let a real life

and real happiness

slip through your fingers


you only get one life



even if I am

completely out

of the picture

I do care about you


if you need me

for anything you

can count on me

that’s an open offer



I need to go look

at a cat catalog

for Santa Cruz now 🙂


I only wish the world

would get a chance

to get a glimpse of

what I have seen

regularly within you


I believe in you

evidently more than you

believe in yourself

or you would treat

yourself better


but I guess that’s

the power of freewill

only you get to

define the meaning

of your life


in the end the

darkness swallows

us all it’s inevitable


make sure you make

the best use of the time

you have in the light


it is the only thing

that you do control




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