The Blind Princess



you thought I wasn’t getting this stuff?

give me a few pieces of flexible

writing as I am working

through the screenplay of you and me

I’m also the executive director

so there is artistic pacing

and the pacing of good story telling

plus when they shoot the film

the cinematography people are murder

and the lighting crew is union

and if we do this right I can retire

filthy rich rather than just rich

and you know how much I like filthy


I just now read what you wrote.

I did not intend to test your patience or resolve.


I wrote this for you over Thanksgiving.


The Blind Princess

once upon a time

a princess was born

the blind princess

she was born blind

in one eye but

it might as well

have been both eyes

she was so blind


in that one blind eye

her pupil and entire eye

were pure white

her family told her

how beautiful she

was and how much

they loved her but

her white eye made

her self-conscious

and made her feel

that the man she

would someday love

would not want her


over time and through

pain she was eventually

fitted with a contact lens

that made the white eye look

perfect like the other eye


but the contact lens could

only be worn 8 hours

a day and she could only

be perfect 8 hours a day


this worked well for

some time as she only

wore the contact lens

in public situations

when she needed

confidence and acceptance


but eventually she did

meet the man who was her

soul mate she knew it

and he knew it too but

she did not want to expose

herself to him without

her contact lens as she

worried he would find

her less beautiful


she could wear the contact

lens for 8 hours a day

so it was a delicate

balancing act between

the 8 hours of public

appearance and the man

she wanted to see her

as beautiful


then one day she

got the mathematics

of the contact lens balancing

act wrong and the man

that she loved surprised

her early one morning to awaken

her from her night’s sleep

she was at first excited

but she became horrified

when she realized she was

not wearing her contact lens.


In a panic she exclaimed…

My eye! My God! Oh, my God!

What about my eye!!!!!


To which her soul mate calmly replied:


Shall we get breakfast?


I was wondering when you

would finally get rid of that

FUCKING hideous contact lens!!!!!






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