Overactive Bladder



I was watching television and some guy

was talking about having an “overactive bladder”

and the medication you could use to treat it.

I thought that must be terrible having an “overactive bladder.”

Then I thought, you know if I had an “overactive bladder”

I would have good excuse for leaving a lot of meetings.

It would be great to have an “overactive bladder!”

Then I thought, I didn’t even actually need to have an “overactive bladder”.

I could just tell people I had an “overactive bladder.”

So about 10 minutes into meetings at work I would get up and say:

“Oh, my overactive bladder.”

Excuse myself and never come back.

I could go back to my desk and get some actual work done.

I could go down to Starbucks and use the free Wi-Fi.

I could go home and watch television in my underpants.

Having an “overactive bladder” was great.

Finally, my boss started a meetings where he was saying

something about “headcount reductions.”

As I got up and started to exit room I muttered: “I hate you overactive bladder.”

In my car driving to the movies: “I love you overactive bladder.”


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