King’s Counting House one

The King was in the counting-house
counting out his money.


When I become King I’ll just hire
someone to do that.

As King my time might be better
spent in my fucking-house
Well, using that house for the reason I had it  built.

Seriously, things with me are not that complicated skinny algebra.
It’s remedial math at best.

It’s a bit like a connect-the-dot puzzle.
With 2 dots
You. Me.
Do you think could use a blue ballspoint pen to connect the dots?
Would it help if I lent you my pen?

Or think of it this way
I’m a Rubic’s cube.
and on all 6 sides of my cube
all 9 rotatable squares
are exactly the same color

Now let’s see if you can solve the Rubic’s cube.
Hey, look at that…
You did even have to do anything and the puzzle is already solved.

Or if you feel compelled to move my parts.
Move once it’s solved.
Move one hundred times it’s solved.
Move 27 times after you get back from your safari in Africa it’s solved.

Now do you think you can solve the puzzle?

I’ll be in my “counting-house.”



Counting-house attendant: “You capable of counting to one?”




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