True Believer



I may not be the most religious man in the world, but every night

before I go to sleep I look up at God and say…


Where does all this belly-button lint come from?!!


I mean every single day I have to clean out that bellybutton.

Sure I have an inny, but I wear a shirt all day…so how does all this

bellybutton lint find its way in there?


Well, I suppose it’s one those mysteries of the universe.

Made me believe in God.

Somebody’s got to be putting it in there.

And only God knows why.


Me: Hey, Popeye what are you doing up here in heaven.

Popeye: Hell was full. Where’s me spinach ?


Jesus: I wanna go to the circus.

God: Not today son you didn’t eat all your spina…

Hey, who let Popeye out of hell.


Satan: Who’s  ready to go the circus?

Hey, how did Popeye escape from hell?


Popeye: It looks like the Jello is arriving now.

There’s always room for Jello.


Later at the circus we looked at photos of our Jello on Satan’s iphone.





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