Traveling Salesman



They say we only use 10% of our brain.

I look around at people and I think it’s probably closer to 0%.

So, who’s to trust brain usage figures quoted by such brains?


I’m doing this from memory

up until the time I was allowed to look

my eyes were likewise sewn shut

here with a rusty needle

and that’s at the federal level

not the local level


hard as a calculus problem

I model her as nondeterministic polynomial

so even if I’m lucky, I get her right about 10% of the time

which is actually pretty good  in the realm of the “traveling salesman”


In Vegas they tell you the slot machines pay out at a 97% rate

That means the house wins 3% of the time

That’s all they need

3% and time

given enough time they take all your money


I’m not going anywhere

So, I have 10% and time

I’ll figure it out


I will let you know where to find

the Easter Eggs


it’s too soon





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