Cat’s Pajamas



uncle  John rolls his eyes when he sees the snake tattoo

on the bottom of his foot.

how had it gotten there?

aunt claire looks at her reflection in the mirror

above the bed and lets out a loud sigh.

choir practice would end early that day.

grandma call the fire department

because there is a cat stuck up in a tree,

but hangs up when they ask her name

realizing it’s really the cat’s problem not hers.

nobody bothers to ask how dad’s job interview went

when he returns home drunk in his boxer shorts.

this kind of thing and behavior is not at all uncommon

in families, but no one ever talks about it publicly.

which is good, because I don’t want to hear about it.

it’s the moon not the shadows

that makes you lie awake at night

or so you tell yourself until they’re gone

they pull the stars from the sky at dawn

but the next night they’re back again

they are what could have been done with time

we only see them in the light of years

they are shadows


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