The Metaphysics of Toast



It was a mystery like when you put 2 pieces of

bread in a toaster.

Where do they go?

And where do those 2 pieces of toast come from?


I asked God.

God: How the hell would I know? Got any butter?


I peered sheepishly into the toaster.

Actually, I got my foot stuck in the toaster as I don’t

have a cat. I sleep with my toaster on the comforter of

my bed because it’s warm and it reminds me of my former

cat. A cat whose coincidentally was named “Toaster!”

What are the odds? Anyway one of the paramedics who

arrived to help was a sheep.


Later, when I got to work that morning I took my work toaster

out of my desk drawer and put it on my desk top and spent the

next hour just looking at it.


Joe: “Hey, that’s great you have a toaster on your desk.

Mind if I make some toast!”


This thought had never occurred to me.


Using a toaster at work to make toast at work.


Frankly, the idea was so crazy it just might succeed.


It was like putting a man on the moon.

Only putting a man on the moon with toast.


It was like relativity just sitting there waiting to

be discovered by Einstein.


Einstein: Hey, what happened to those 2 pieces of bread we put in the toaster and where did those 2 pieces of toast come from?


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