The Serious Club orig




After a while the monkeys pretty much stopped coming.

Most of the staff stopped wearing bowling shoes.

There were few balloons left.

Happiness was gone.

What had once been a swinging monkey nightclub, filled with balloons,

and the wearing of bowling shoes had gradually become the location of

the town’s “Serious Club.”

Serious men and women dressed in serious clothing walked seriously

from room to room contemplating and doing serious things.

Others sat seriously in chairs having serious conversations about serious topics.

A serious waiter came up with a serious look on his face asked a serious couple:

“Have you decided on your drinks or would you like more time to make such a

serious decision?”

The serious couple decided that they would indeed take more time to make such

a serious decision about their drinks as they would have to live with consequences

of such a decision for the next 15 minutes.

Then one day there was a problem with the men’s room. A monkey wearing bowling shoes

and holding a balloon arrived to address the issue.  Afterwards he posted a sign:

“Bathrooms are to be used by patrons only.”

Because it took a secret password to be let in the front door the members

of the “Serious Club” were outraged complaining bitterly that the only people

that would be there in the first place would be patrons.

They could not take the sign seriously, so all the members of the Serious Club

got up and left taking their elephant piñatas with them.

Monkeys, bowling shoes, ballons  and happiness was restored.


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