Carpooling with God

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One day on the morning commute

God appeared in Bill’s passenger seat

Bill happily swerved into the car pool lane.

Bill: “Hi God. How’s it going?”

God: “Bill I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.”

“You’re going to die today, but I’ll give you the choice of

dying in a horrible car crash this morning. Or you can go

to work and use the day to get your things in order and die

peacefully in your sleep tonight.”

Bill: “Hmmm.”

Then Bill yanked the wheel hard to the left crashing into a cement over crossing and killing both himself and God.

As Bill and God’s spirits started their ascent to heaven God was puzzled.

God: “What the f*ck Bill?”

Bill: “Screw it. At least I got out of a day of work


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