Highlights from Our Family Thanksgiving



Look at me everybody.

I’m a bird.

Mom: Joseph can you please get down off the Thanksgiving table and put some clothes on?

Minxie: I like when you pour the cranberry out of the can and it just sits there on the plate as one big cylindrical slab.

Fred: Is that bird a free-range bird?

Cheryl: I believe that’s what we asked for at Safeway.

Fred: I was talking about Joseph!!!

Uncle Charles: When do the hillbillies arrive?

Dad: Please don’t refer to my relatives in such a manner.

They prefer free-range hobos.

Mom: Who put the cat in the refrigerator?

Timmy: Look what I can do with my pinkie toe.

Minxie: I no longer want any of the cranberry cylindrical slab!!!

Uncle Charles: I’m having an out-of-body experience.

Mom: Somebody get a mop.


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