How to Respect Your Boss orig

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Lesson1: How to deal with your boss talking.

The first thing you probably want to do here

is acknowledge that he is indeed talking.

Extend your hand with your thumb down

and the four fingers above it.

Now make a motion with your thumb and 4 fingers

like a duck quacking.

With a little imagination this gesture can also be used

to mimic a person talking.

Any time your boss opens his mouth you should

use this gesture to acknowledge he is talking.

As your boss talks,

while continuously making the hand talking gesture,

it’s good if you can make some comments or observations that
are factually accurate regarding the conversation to show that you are paying

An example:

“Your mouth is moving.”

Or better:

“Your mouth is certainly moving.”

A good follow up to this while continuing the talking duck
hand gesture is:



“Your mouth is moving and creating a lot of words.”

Or even better:

“Your mouth is certainly moving and creating a lot of

Use your boss as a sounding board for you own career.

“Kill me if I become like you!”


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