Yelp! one


Do we really need a social networking site for those

who chronically whine and complain?

Dan wrote to his Yelp! account that he found the cleanliness

of the bathroom at the gas station unacceptable.

Have you have been to a gas station with a clean bathroom?

Then I took a look at some of Dan’s other Yelp! entries.

He had reviewed the bathrooms

of almost all the gas stations in town.

The cleanliness of all of them was unacceptable.

What a surprise.

And what useful information.

He also reviewed the bathrooms for most of the town’s fast food places as well as the

bathrooms of many of the area’s big-box stores where he did most of his shopping.

The cleanliness of all of them was unacceptable.

Thanks Dan.

Apparently, Dan prided himself on his critiquing of bathrooms,

wanted to share this knowledge with others,

and had too much time on his hands.

The same thing for other reviews, like restaurants,

bed-and-breakfasts, etc.

Why would I possibly care about what some

whining stranger thinks?

Wouldn’t I just ask my friends?

Hey, wait…there’s Yelp! entries about this humor blog…

“Writer can not commit suicide fast enough to satisfy readers.”

Great. Thanks Mom.

“There are not enough pointy sticks in the world

with which to poke this guy.”

Hmmm. I would think the President of the United States

would have better things to do with his time,

but I’m glad he’s reading.

“Ditto. On the pointy stick thing.”

Ok, I guess I wasn’t expecting any positive feedback from the Pope.

“Thought provoking…a breath of fresh air.”

Thank you.

Thank you, whoever you are Charles Manson.


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