World Pogo News orig



Let’s see what’s happening in World Pogo News.


Man attempts to jump off Empire State Building.

Attempts to spring with pogo stick to moon.

Man fails.

Man dies.


Hope he made arrangements to have someone feed his cat.


Pope enter Christmas Mass riding pogo stick.

Parts Red Sea.

Has immaculate conception with a girl named Mary.


Wow!! That’s unbelievable.

What color was the pogo stick?


How about international pogo news?

Vladimir Putin addresses the Kremlin on a pogo stick while performing circus dog tricks with a yo-yo.

Wait a minute this is from Yo-yo News…how did this get in here.

Mr. Putin: Sorry, I wanted everyone to see my new haircut.

The Pope: That’s understandable.


Gandi: Ok, does everyone have their pogo stick?

We’re going to ride our pogo sticks to the sea and make salt.

Some guy: Couldn’t we just buy some salt at Safeway?

Gandi: Good thinking. Then we can go to Las Vegas and pogo.


In Las Vegas: Gandi pogos down Hollywood Blvd. comes upon the Pope and Vladimir Putin pogo-ing

The Pope: What kept you? Let’s get some chicken wings.


Here’s a rare one. “Cult” lead singer Ian Astbury with “Circus of Power”



President Obama: Has anyone seen my pogo stick?


2 responses to “World Pogo News orig

  1. Gruntruck was 2ndary band out of Seattle Grunge scene in early 90’s. Entire 1st album very good. Circus of Power out of NY same time…not on same level…but this song with Ian Astbury is very good. Your Brode Dalle selection was very good. Let me know if you have any other musical recommendations. Have a great day writer girl. Time to go to Santa Cruz.


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