Hotdog Oven orig



Sometimes I wish I was born
with a miniature hotdog oven strapped on my back.
Or at least they strapped a miniature hotdog oven on by back,
when I left the hospital as an infant.

Then, later after I had grown up if I climbed Mount Everest
or was on the Moon I would have this hotdog oven on my back.

What could be better if I were to encounter “hostiles.”

“Everyone likes a warm hotdog. “
“Especially, one served piping hot from a miniature hotdog oven”
-Walt Whitman

What better way to disarm a “hostile.”
Well, I suppose a disarming smile.
Or, perhaps a gun.
Perhaps best for disarming “hostiles” would be a hotdog oven,
and disarming smile, and a gun.

So, if you’re ever looking at the moon through an incredibly powerful
telescope..perhaps from an observatory on the top.
of Mount Everest and see a guy with a hotdog oven strapped
to his back, with a disarming smile and gun…

Think of me.

And be my Valentine.


And some Mushroomhead for breakfast…


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